A tour on a bus and then to Baboró

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Autumn is upon us! This time last year I came over to Ireland for 2 months to head off on tour with Moonfish and Star of the Sea. I was informed of a weird phenomenon that apparently occurs every year in Ireland. The very moment the kids go back to school, the sun magically the sun comes out! How depressing for the poor kids! Howsabout we cheer them up with a piece of immersive theatre?

This week, Moonfish are touring Kildare with our new immersive theatre piece for children; The Fantastical Time Travelling Library Bus. As you might have guessed from the title, it takes place on a Library Bus and transports our audience members back in time. They kids will travel with us to 1916 Kildare and follow the journeys of 4 characters on their journey to the Rising.


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We couldn’t have put this show together had it not been for LOADS of co-operation from Kildare Library Services, who are currently zooming us around the country in their Library Bus. Support from Foras Na Gaeilge and Galway City Council has also been invaluable, not to mention our wonderful friends at The Riverbank Arts Centre. We love being their current Theatre Artists in Residence and this show has been a pleasure to work with them on. Stay tuned to find out what we’ll grow together next.

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This newest Moonfish show isn’t just for those who like to hang out in Library Buses. We’ve managed to adapt it slightly for its next outing…

Great news for Galwegians, the production will be coming to Baboro International Arts Festival for Children in October. We didn’t have access to a Library Bus this time so we’ve gone all “New Venue, New Show” for Baboro! Intrigued? That is indeed the correct reaction! Come and see the show in its new form under a new name, Memory Paths. What better place to travel back in time through books than in Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop? A show for just two children at a time, we think it’ll be an unforgettable journey for our audience, so I advise you get booking as soon as you can! You can find out more and reserve tickets right here.

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