Moonfish in America

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It’s early November 2016 in the USA, something highly unusual is about to happen…they’re about to get a visit from Moonfish Theatre! In 2015, we presented Star of the Sea at the International Theatre Exchange where we were introduced to some fantastic presenters in the States. After receiving a tour-planning grant from the New England […]

A new show for 2016…

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We’re having an extremely productive year as Theatre Artists in Residence at The Riverbank Arts Centre. This residency is allowing us to grow our skills, work on new projects and meet some incredibly creative people along the way. We first met the folks at The Riverbank when we toured our production of Tromluí Phinnochio – Pinnochio, A Nightmare there in […]

Write on, Sisters!

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The Waking The Feminists movement at the end of 2015 reminded us that we must check ourselves, make strong decisions and examine our industry when it comes to equality. With this is mind, Moonfish co-director Ionia and I have been attempting to only watch films with female characters who are central and aren’t merely portrayed […]