Star of the Sea setting sail on a National Tour – One month to go!

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August is upon us!

With only 1 month to go until Star of the Sea opens in An Taibhdhearc, I hope you’re all booking your tickets! I know Galwegians aren’t always mad on booking in advance, but I reckon Star of the Sea is worth breaking the habit for. Casting my mind back to Galway International Arts Festival 2014, one of my fondest memories is seeing queues of people outside An Taibhdhearc, hoping to bag themselves tickets to our show. Sadly there were a few disappointed souls who couldn’t squeeze in to the theatre so make sure you’re not left out in the cold this time. Book now!

Re-rehearsals begin next week, and all involved are rather excited. We’ve had a couple of Moonfish dinners in the lead-up to getting back into working on the show. As you can see they’ve been rather sedate and sensible evenings.

Moonfish dinner 2 Moonfish dinner 4 Moonfish dinner 3

We love having meetings over food and drink. We’re extremely lucky to be based in Galway, a city absolutely bursting with excellent independent cafés in which to hunker down and plot creatively! Moonfish dinners began many years ago when we were first starting out and the tradition of swapping ideas over a hearty meal is still going strong within the Moonfish family. Adding the pleasure of food to a 3 hour mammoth meeting really takes the pain out of spreadsheets, budgets and ticketing conundrums. But maybe that’s not all there is to it.

Once the Star of the Sea national tour is up and running, we’ll be having a think about our next project. I don’t want to give too much away at this point but I can tell you that the Moonfishers will be putting our heads together and having a think about the link between the sharing of food and the sharing of political and revolutionary ideas. I wonder how many revolutions, large or small, have started over a scone in a Galway café…?

Next time you’re lucky enough to be relaxing over a juice in The Kitchen or sharing some fries and a slushie at Bite Club , see how easily the creative chat flows. Talking with your mouth full is absolutely permitted!

Book Star of the Sea tickets here…

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