A brand new production for families

19 July 2023
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We're delighted to finally be able to announce details of the production we've been working on since March 2022...

Coming this September to the Dublin Fringe Festival, Moonfish's new production The Crow's Way is a thrilling and unpredictable show for 3rd to 6th class, their families, and anyone who loves adventure, brought to life with Moonfish’s signature brand of theatre magic on the Peacock stage.

If someone follows the Crow’s Way, can they ever make it back? When Gerda’s best friend Cuán ruins their village’s annual ritual, he flees into the wild and dangerous forest. The villagers say he’s gone forever, but Gerda’s not so sure…

The Crow’s Way follows Gerda as she braves the dark and unpredictable world of the forest in a quest to save her best friend.

The Crow’s Way is a fairytale for our times that explores individuality and community through the lens of our relationship with nature. Who decides the rules of a group? What happens when someone can’t follow those rules? How can a group take account of every person’s individuality and create a community that allows everyone - and every living thing - to flourish? Instead of controlling nature, how can humans learn to live as part of the natural world?

Throughout 2022 Moonfish were lucky enough to meet some incredible new artists over a series of workshops. Lots of those artists have worked with us on the creation of The Crow's Way and will feature on stage or behind the scenes.

The Crow's Way will be making its way to Galway later this year, so keep an eye on our social media channels for further updates and all ticketing information.

The Crow's Way
is a co-commission with Baboró International Arts Festival for Children, in partnership with Town Hall Theatre, Galway. Supported by the Arts Council and Galway City Council. Co-Presented by the Abbey Theatre and Dublin Fringe Festival.