Into the World Within - Adventures in Radio with Baboró

15 September 2021
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Dare you venture into the Underworld?

Join Alex and Nicky as they journey into the Underworld through a pillow fort in their bedroom...

Commissioned by Baboró International Arts Festival for Children, Moonfish Theatre have created Into the World Within, an audio journey for the whole family using live Foley to create a magical, musical world of enchanting adventures.

We're so excited to finally be able to share our new piece of work for all the family - Into the World Within - Available via Baboró.ie from October 4th

The Moonfish ensemble began work on our first ever radio drama at the beginning of 2020, when we realised families were potentially looking at a good few months without access to their usual activities. A co-production with Baboró International Arts Festival for Children,Into the World Within has been devised entirely over Zoom by the Moonfish ensemble. After a few Covid-related pauses, we managed to gather in Galway's Soundtrack & Podcast studio on Dominick St and record the adventures of our two young heroes, Alex and Nicky.

Alex is bored, stuck indoors all day, but at least Uncle Petey is coming to visit! His stories have always brought magic into her life, even if her older sister Nicky thinks stories are “immature” these days. But when Uncle Petey arrives, something's not quite right. Alex is sure she knows what’s made him so quiet and withdrawn...he’s a changeling, and it’s up to Alex and Nicky to bring the real Uncle Petey home.

Join Alex and a reluctant Nicky as they journey into the underworld through a pillow fort in their bedroom. The quest to save Uncle Petey won’t be easy, and in the Underworld nothing is as it seems…

Moonfish Theatre, alongside Alan Preims and Elena Santos of Soundtrack and Podcast, created Into the World Within with no digital assistance - all the sound effects in Into the World Within were created live during recording, by two Foley artists.

Into the World Within
will be available online via from Monday 4th October. If you'd like to have a go at creating your own radio drama at home, then look no further! To accompany Into the World Within, Moonfish have created Sound Secrets, a 5-part YouTube series which will give kids the all the tools required to make their own adventures using props from around their homes and classrooms. More information on Sound Secrets will follow shortly, so watch this space!

Into the World Within artwork by Marta Barcikowska. Production photos by Seán T O'Meallaigh.