Bonny & Read

Before there was Captain Jack Sparrow there was ‘Calico Jack’, a small-time pirate famous for his association with two female pirates, Mary Read and Anne Bonny.

Moonfish Theatre Company chart the amazing true adventures of these remarkable women in Bonny & Read. Two actors playing multiple characters are accompanied by buccaneer musicians in a rip-roaring, timber-shivering, sea-shanty-soaked theatre production.

Moonfish Theatre's critically acclaimed debut production Bonny and Read premiered in Galway's Java's Cafe in 2006, before a run in the Town Hall Theatre studio. Bonny and Read then marked Moonfish's first international appearance in the 2007 Edinburgh Fringe.

“New Galway-based company, Moonfish, graced the Town Hall studio last week with its swashbuckling account of the amazing-yet-true adventures of two 18th century female pirates, Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Moonfish’s lively retelling of this remarkable duo’s story features just two actors who as well as portraying Bonny and Read, also assume the roles of sundry other pirates and their assorted adversaries. The production is further enriched by singer/musicians, Una Ní Fhlannagáin, Damien MacDonnel, and Grace Kiely, who not only provide accompaniment for the show’s rousing selection of songs and shanties but also create an expertly realised foley soundscape. This was an imaginative, energetic and well-realised production, neatly directed by Máiréad Ní Chróinín, who co-authored the script with her sister, Ionia. The show was about three-quarters of an hour long and we would gladly have spent longer in the company of these singular women.” Charlie McBride, Galway Advertiser
“Flawless ★★★★★” Maisie Stevenson, United Kingdom, 21 Aug 2007

Dates & Location

  1. Aug 2007, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh
  2. 2006, Galway's Java's Cafe, Galway