A family audio drama commissioned by Baboró International Arts Festival for Children

Into the World Within

An audio drama for all the family

Dare you venture into the Underworld...

Alex and Nicky are bored, stuck indoors all day, but at least Uncle Petey is coming to visit! His stories have always brought magic into their lives, even if Nicky thinks stories are “immature” these days. But when Uncle Petey arrives, something's not quite right. Alex knows what’s made him so quiet and withdrawn...he’s a changeling, and it’s up to Alex and Nicky to bring the real Uncle Petey home.

Join Alex and a reluctant Nicky as they journey into the underworld through a pillow fort in their bedroom. The quest to save Uncle Petey won’t be easy, and in the Underworld nothing is as it seems…

Commissioned by Baboró International Arts Festival for Children, Moonfish Theatre have devised an audio journey for the whole family using live foley to create a magical, musical world of enchanting adventures. Let your journey begin by clicking below...

Creative team

Recorded at Galway's Soundtrack and Podcast by the Moonfish Theatre ensemble: Morgan Cooke, Ionia Ní Chróinín, Jo Cummins, Grace Kiely, Zita Monahan-Mcgowan and Sean T O'Meallaigh. The soundtrack was composed by Alan Preims, with songs written by Seán T O'Meallaigh and Macmathúna

Written and directed by the Moonfish Theatre ensemble

Script supervisor: Sean T O'Meallaigh.

Live Foley operated by Kate McBrearty and Elena Santos

Stage manager: Barry O'Donovan

Sound consultant: Keeva O'Shea

Producer: Jo Cummins

With thanks to Sorcha Ní Chroínín, Pat Hargan and Máiréad Ní Chroínín

Into the World Within was edited by Alan Preims and Elena Santos at Galway's Soundtrack and Podcast. Production photos by Seán T O'Meallaigh, production image by Marta Barcikowska

Funded by Arts Council Ireland and Galway City Council

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