Tromluí Phinocchio / Pinocchio - A Nightmare

Who’d have thought so many people would give you grief for having a wooden head? Pinocchio has an urge to do whatever he wants whenever he wants… but there’s that Cricket. And his father. And a big whale. Think you know the Pinocchio story? Think again.

A bi-lingual (Irish/ English) production, devised by Moonfish from the original 'Adventures of Pinocchio' by Carlo Collodi. A far cry from the children's story you might remember, Moonfish's production follows Pinocchio on a dark and disturbing journey through a dangerous adult world. With living puppets, talking animals, fairies and ghosts, Tromluí Phinocchio plunges audiences into a nightmarish whirlpool of imagination.

Moonfish invite the audience into Pinocchio's wild adventure, and the mysterious world of the theatre. The ensemble create the music, sound effects and lighting live on-stage to evoke the magic of Pinocchio’s world while sharing with the audience how that magic is created.

Tromulí Phinoccio was staged in Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin during The Absolute Dublin Fringe Festival 2012, returning for a second run later in the year as Smock Alley's alternative Panto. The production was performed in both Irish and English, opening it up to audiences with little or no Irish. This production saw Moonfish take the opportunity to give theatre-lovers an experience of theatre in Irish, ensuring through movement, music, shadow-work and subtitling, that the tale tells its own story and is accessible to everyone.

“It's been a superb 2012 for Moonfish so far with Tromluí Phinocchio wowing audiences and critics alike. The play has won 4 star reviews from the Irish Times and Irish Theatre Magazine and The Journal has described Pinocchio as "creative, theatrical and engaging.” Irish Times review, 11 September 2012, by Caomhán Keane
“★ ★ ★ ★ ” Irish Times


“★ ★ ★ ★ ” Irish Theatre Magazine