Namhaid don Phobal/ Enemy of the People

Enemy of the People tells the story of a small coastal town where the local doctor discovers that the water-supply is polluted, a revelation that could jeopardise the town’s economy. It could also threaten the doctor’s brother’s plans for re-election as Mayor. When the doctor insists that he must broadcast his findings, he faces a terrible choice.

A timely and powerful examination of the consequences of an individual’s decision to follow his own principles in the face of society’s opposition, Ibsen expertly puts this conflict in the context of a personal power-play between brothers.

Moonfish Theatre teamed with An Taibhdhearc to bring an Irish-language version of this timeless classic back to the Irish stage in March 2009. The rehearsal process took place in Connemara, in the West of Ireland, and drew on the landscape and musical traditions of Ireland and Norway to create a unique, ground-breaking production.

English sub-titles were used to ensure that the production was accessible to all audiences.

Dates & Location

  1. 4th - 8th Mar 2009, The Black Box Theatre, Galway
  2. 11th & 12th Mar 2009, Axis Theatre, Dublin