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Into the World of radio...

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2 November 2020

For everyone who has had to spend 2020 adapting, pivoting, postponing and in some cases ultimately saying goodbye to planned projects, here’s a virtual hug from all of us here at Moonfish...

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Touring with families – chats and change

Touring With Families News
13 February 2018

In September/October 2017, Moonfish Theatre toured our production of Star of the Sea to America. In addition to cast and crew, ensemble members’ Zita and Ionia’s husbands and babies jumped on board! This was new territory for all involved and we’d like to share our thoughts on the experience.

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Return to the drawing board

Return To The Drawing Board
16 March 2017

Moonfish are back in the devising room this month. The workshop is littered with books and instruments with ideas flying around all over the place – a great place to be and we feel very lucky as St Patrick’s Day approaches.

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