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Adding to our ensemble

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20 March 2023

As it’s officially the start of Spring with all things green and growing, we thought we’d share news of exciting new growth in the Moonfish ensemble.

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Into the World Within - Adventures in Radio with Baboró

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15 September 2021

Dare you venture into the Underworld?

Join Alex and Nicky as they journey into the Underworld through a pillow fort in their bedroom...

Commissioned by Baboró International Arts Festival for Children, Moonfish Theatre have created Into the World Within, an audio journey for the whole family using live Foley to create a magical, musical world of enchanting adventures.

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Into the World of radio...

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2 November 2020

For everyone who has had to spend 2020 adapting, pivoting, postponing and in some cases ultimately saying goodbye to planned projects, here’s a virtual hug from all of us here at Moonfish...

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