The Secret Garden

'It looks like it's been buried a long time. Perhaps it has been buried for ten years. Perhaps it is the key to the garden!'

When Mary Lennox's parents die she is sent from India to live with her reclusive uncle in his great, empty mansion on the Moors. Lonely and withdrawn, Mary finds solace in the strange tales told by the locals, of a Secret Garden that was locked away ten years ago and left to run wild. Then one day, she finds a key buried deep in the earth - a key that will change her life forever.

Moonfish assembled its complete team of artists from Ireland, Scotland and Wales together for the first time since Bonny & Read to developThe Secret Garden.

The Secret Garden was performed to sell-out audiences as part of the Galway Theatre Festival in October 2009, and won hugely positive reviews when it ran at the Nun's Island Theatre, Galway in 2010. The production then toured to venues and festivals nationwide.

Moonfish's production The Secret Garden is adapted from the classic children's book by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It weaves a thrilling, magical tale of hope and wonder that draws its audience into the mysterious world of hidden places, where anything is possible.

““Devised by Moonfish from the classic novel, The Secret Garden brings to life a tale of grief, isolation, companionship and reconciliation...This production has been expertly developed as an ensemble and Moonfish skilfully combine a variety of theatrical styles including realistic elements, narration, shadow puppetry and verse. The Secret Garden breaks the boundaries of the kinds of schematic dramas commonly viewed as accessible. With this production, Moonfish offers an enchanting, multi-layered show to captivate children and adults alike.”” Irish Theatre Magazine

Dates & Location

  1. Oct 2009, Galway Theatre Festival, Galway
  2. Jan 2010, Nun's Island Theatre, Galway
  3. Sep/Oct 2010, Nationwide